Mazzoni LB is the world’s leading company in the design and fabrication of complete plants and machinery to the soap and glycerine industry with over 2,500 plants installed in over 130 countries.

  • FATS & OILS PRETREATMENT – Continuous Bleaching Batch Bleaching
  • SAPONIFICATION – Continuous Saponification for neutral Fats & Oil Continuous Semi-boiled Saponification Batch Saponification
  • NEUTRALIZATION – Continuous Fatty Acids Neutralization Batch Fatty Acids neutralization
  • VACUUM DRYING – Laundry soap dryers Toilet soap dryers
  • FINISHING LINES – Laundry soap Toilet soap Syndet/ Combo/ Translucent soap
  • GLYCERINE RECOVERY – Spent Iyes Treatment Spent Iyes Concentration Glycerine Distillation / Refining
  • RIM BLOCKS – Rim blocks lines

The method continually offers a chain of activities to reduce risks, a better and constant quality, superior yields.

Mazzoni offers new Flow-pack packaging through a strategic sector allowing to offer complete finishing lines up to the wrapped soap tablet.

Other Complete Plants & Machinery

  • Fruit &Vegetable Juices Production
  • Confectionery, Licorices &Chewing gum Manufacture
  • Pasta & Snacks Production